Love of circus wins local teen spot on big top tour

Arlington, Mass. Arlington High School senior Lindsay Culbert-Olds is running off to join the circus this summer. For the third year in a row, Lindsay’s skills as an aerialist and acrobat have won her a spot on tour with the award-winning Circus Smirkus, the only youth circus in the country that tours with its own, European-style Big Top. From late June until mid-August, the performing troupe will play 14 venues — more than 70 individual shows — throughout the Northeast. Culbert-Olds began studying acrobatics when she was about five years old, and has been a member of the Arlington High School gymnastics team for the last three years (and will be co-captain in the coming year). 8220;When I saw what those kids were doing, I knew that I wanted to go on tour with that circus,” she said. As a “Smirko,” she joins her fellow troupers in doing such tasks as putting up the tent at each new venue and helping the cook staff prepare food for the nearly 75 t...
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